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Mireia Lopez

Hi, My name is Mireia and I am the founder of Discovery Playtime. I am a primary school teacher with a Master’s in Educational Psychology and a Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills. I am also qualified as a spare time children entertainer and as a Spanish teacher. I have two kids (a boy and a girl) and I have learnt so much from and for them.

I set up DISCOVERY PLAYTIME in 2017 running workshops for babies, toddlers and children with autism with the idea of promoting learning through play experiences where kids could learn and improve basic life skills while parents get to spend quality time with their kids and socialise in a safe and fun environment.

I ran hundreds of workshops and events during the past 3 years including messy and sensory play sessions, children entertainment, corporate events, afterschool activities and so much more.

I strongly believe in the power of play as a way for children to communicate and to learn about the world and about themselves. For this reason all of the toys available here aim to help children to reach their full potential through hands-on play activities.

We have a wide range of educational, sensory and wooden toys to allow children to find the most suited materials and toys depending on their interests and needs and we add new products regularly to improve the variety of resources available.

Everything comes from experienced and registered suppliers in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland that have been designing and manufacturing toys for many years to create the best tools for your child. All of our toys come with a CE mark (safety certificate) and our wooden toys are also made from sustainable wood. We are moving towards a more environmentally friendly production so we have plastic free toys available and our packaging is all compostable or reused.

Thank you for your interest in Discovery Playtime learning toys, I hope you find what you are looking for, and we are here to help whenever needed.

Happy Playtime!




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