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I am very excited to launch our first SIMPLE PLAY CHALLENGE! I have teamed up with our inspiring brand reps on Instagram Triona (Early Years Insights), Catherine (Play At Home Mammy) and Jana and Leah (Nurturing Curiosity) to show you how PLAY can be so SIMPLE and at the same time so EFFECTIVE.

We have chosen a theme for each one of the next four months (September to December) and we will have different activities based on that theme, covering all the different types of play so there will be a great variety of activities for all children, all interests, and all ages. You know your child best, so you can decide where you want to start and create your own themed activities at home. But remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

The different types of play we will cover are the following:

  • Messy play
  • Baby safe play
  • Outdoor play
  • Small world play
  • Recycled crafts
  • Invitation to explore (prepared environment)
  • Books
  • Games

This is our very first SIMPLE PLAY CHALLENGE, and we want to really encourage everyone to create a little themed activity following your child’s interests. What you need to do is simply

  1. Observe your child when he plays
  2. Notice what he does and what he likes, what he is interested in, what he is curious about.
  3. Provide a little activity based on what you observed and let him lead the way.

Our simple play challenge is very easy, but it has a couple of rules:

  1. We don’t need instructions. We present the materials, and the child decides what to do with them. It can go in a very different way than we expected and that is exactly what we want. We encourage the child to make decisions and to try things and figure things out.
  2. There is no right or wrong. As long as we keep things safe, everything is valid.
  3. Keep it simple. Simple is best, simple allows room for creativity and imagination. If it’s not simple it can be quite overwhelming for the child and, also, for us, so the activity would be pointless.


Our goal (or sub goal) with this first SIMPLE PLAY CHALLENGE is for you to rediscover your creativity. We are all creative and well capable of creating fun activities, but sometimes we get carried away for all the things that need to be done every day that we forget we can do this. By allowing yourself a few minutes to rediscover your creativity you will not just create a fun activity for your child but also a bonding experience and improve your own confidence too.


We would love to see what you create at home with the kids wherever you are int he world! You can send us pictures to or on Instagram tag @discoveryplaytime and use the #simpleplaychallenge and #rediscovercreativity and we will share all the activities to inspire everyone to create a screen free world of imagination!

Are you joining the challenge?

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