20seconds Handwash Timer

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Healthy hands mean healthy kids. Help your little ones build essential hygiene habits to last a lifetime with the 20-Second Handwashing Timer from Learning Resources. Perfect for bathrooms, classrooms, or wherever sinks are found, this fun interactive timer provides visual and audio cues to let kids and adults alike know when they’ve hit their recommended handwashing goals. Simply tap the timer, take three seconds to grab some soap, then start scrubbing while the light is lit. When the timer hits 20 seconds, you’ll hear a little beep to let you know it’s time to stop. Each timer is small enough to fit in even compact spaces; decorated with fun soap bubbles, timers also form an important step in keeping homes and classrooms healthy.

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  • BUILD new handwashing skills to stay healthy.
  • LIGHTS and sounds let you know when it’s time to start and stop scrubbing.
  • COMPACT size means your timer fits anywhere.
  • PERFECT for classrooms or home, or wherever there’s a sink.
  • AGES 3+

2 reviews for 20seconds Handwash Timer

  1. Teresa Murphy

    We love this timer, since we got it washing hands turned into a fun game, and I know hands are properly clean so it’s a win win!

  2. Stephen

    I purchased one of these hand washing timers for our kids bathroom and then another for the main adult bathroom because it was SUCH a hit! Kids of all ability levels enjoy pushing the button, watching it light up, and hearing it beep at the end. A great potty training and hygiene tool

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