Fine Motor Play Set


Promoting problem-solving and coordination through fine motor skills activities, these 5 items are great for indoor and outdoor play. Suitable for children 3+ years due to small parts. Great for water play, sand and so much more. Easy to carry and use for lots of open-ended activities helping to expand the kids’ imagination and understanding of the world.


  • SCOOPER teaches hand position to hold scissors and promotes hand strenth and hand-eye coordination turning any activity into a fun learning experience.
  • TWEEZERS promote coordination, motor skills and concentration. Finger placement dimples ensure comfortable use of the tweezers.
  • MAGNETIC WAND provides a fun first approach to learning the properties of magnetism. The wands have north and south on opposite faces and so illustrate attraction and repulsion effectively.
  • DROPPER is perfect for any water play and science activities. It allows children to transfer water drop by drop and use their fine motor skills to do so.
  • TRANSLUCENT BUCKET is the perfect item to carry all of the other tools and use it when playing with them as you can fill it up with sand, water, rocks, sticks… Being able to see through makes it suitable to use it for many science activities like guessing if certain materials will sink or float and many other experiments.


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