Garden Discovery Box

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Discovery our unique hands-on GARDEN DISCOVERY BOX with 10 different items to promote children’s curiosity, creativity and development of skills such as fine motor skills, problem-solving and communication. The box includes a garden activity book, insect stickers, insect foam craft shape, magnifier, tweezers, playdough in 4 colours, playdough roller, 12 minibeast counters and soil tablets with edible seeds to grow your own little garden. Everything is safe and suitable for children from 3 years under supervision.

With our unique hands-on Discovery Boxes we promote open-ended play and learning where the activity is 100% led by the child and we just acompany them and help them to narrate their story based on their actions. Children will use the toys and items provided to communicate through play, and this communication goes way beyond words. Once the space is provided, kids will be able to express feelings and thoughts through their actions and this will build their understanding of the world and themselves in the world.

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  • Promote curiosity and understanding of the world around us
  • Connection with nature
  • Open-ended activities to promote creativity and imagination
  • Hands-on learning through play
  • Practice fine motor skills to develop hand control and strength
  • Variety of activities to suit all needs and interests of the children
  • Activities adapt to the developmental stage of the child
  • Suitable from 3 years due to small parts
  • Playdough safe and in recycled plastic boxes


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