Large Water Beads 100pcs

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Water beads a non-edible bead made of a combination of water and a water-absorbing polymer. A polymer is made of of tiny particles that stick together and form long chains. When dry water beads are immersed in water, they fill up and expand like a sponge. They made a great filler for sensory bins, a very relaxing and fun activity for children of all ages.

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This pack includes 100 large water beads. They are tiny balls of polymer that will grow withing a few hours / days when left soaking in water. They are suitable for children 3+ and non toxic but also NOT EDIBLE.

1 review for Large Water Beads 100pcs

  1. Ilona

    There are no words to describe those amazing water beads , love , love , love…perfect for sensory play . Totally recommend!

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