My 1st Loose Parts Play Set

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A beautiful mixed wooden set including 3 bowls, 3 large figures and 6 discs to explore loose parts stacking, creating, building and learning. Suitable for children from 10 months. Colors picked at random, matching colours of bowls and figures plus 6 discs of different colours. Can be combined with any other toys nature elements, etc. for a more creative experience or just used on their own. It comes with a leaflet explaining what LOOSE PARTS are and how to incorporate them into the child’s daily playtime.

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Loose parts is another word for open ended, multi-functional objects that can be adapted for play in many different ways. We have combined some of our best selling loose parts to offer you a unique box with a mix of 3 bowls, 3 figures and 6 discs. They are made of great quality beachwood and painted with calming non-toxic safe paint, suitable from 10 months.

One of the main benefits from loose parts is that they can have an endless number of ways to use them. <They don’t have a specific purpose so they can be anything at all, from a pirate ship, to a hat, a bed for a doll or a space ship. When you incorporate more loose parts, problem solving and logical thinking skills are put to work as well as independence, freedom and genuine and authentic play.


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