STABILO 3-in-1 crayon pencils

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This set of 3-in-1 crayon pencils includes 1 cardboard box with 6 colours: red, yellow, blue, green, brown, pale pink and a wooden sharpener. Suitable from 3 years due to small parts. They work on paper and also on glass, and it’s very easy to wipe off. Great size for small hands. Strong covering power and intense color, even on the darkest papers and glass.

These thick wooden pencils are unbreakable with XXL-lead, ideal for the little children’s hands.

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  • Chunky pencils that are easy for little hands to use.
  • Solid paint in a wooden pencil – the eco alternative to paint sticks!
  • They give fantastic colour-coverage for vibrant pictures.
  • The work well on glass (and wipe off again!)
  • Add water and a paintbrush to use as paint.

These wooden pencils are made in Germany. Packaged in a PEFC-certified cardboard box. No plastic whatsoever.


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