Wooden Community People

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Includes 8 children and 24 adults representing a variety of ages, professions, cultures, religions and disabilities.

Having realistic images will enable younger children to make comparisons and encourage older children to visualise characters in story-telling and creative writing.

The 20mm birch plywood blocks are smooth to touch and easy for small children to handle.

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  • Double-sided blocks feature real life images — these people blocks feature an inclusive range of different characters including children and adults from a variety of ages, professions, cultures, religions and Disabilities.
  • Made with high quality materials — made from 0.8″ Thick quality birch plywood, these blocks are smooth and warm to touch and thick enough to stand on their own.
  • Help develop cognitive skills — using these blocks, children will develop their descriptive language, motor and imaginative play skills while engaging in collaborative play. They are also helpful in developing self-awareness as they stimulate children to reflect on their own backgrounds and abilities.
  • Encourage inclusivity and empathy — the realistic images on these blocks will enable younger children to recognize real people from different backgrounds and encourage older children to visualize them for story-telling and creative language.


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