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Bear Family and Pattern cards

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The Three Bear Family Rainbow Set includes small plastic bear counters in three different sizes and weights. These award-winning counters are ideal for developing a variety of early maths skills, such as weighing, counting, sorting and comparisons. Bears measure 2.5cm-4cm and come in six different colours (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple). Handy storage bag also included. Three Bear Family Counters can be used with the Bucket Balance set and the colour sorting bowls (available separately). Suitable for ages 3+


These cute and colourful bears introduce young learners to a variety of early maths concepts.

As children play with The Original Three Bear Family Counters, they will be building key early skills such as:

- Sorting and patterning

- Counting and estimating

- Addition and subtraction

- Memory and comparisons

This set of 24 colourful bear counters include:

- 24 bears in three different sizes, three different weights and six different colours

- 6 Daddy bears, 6 Mummy bears and 12 baby bears

- 8 Pattern laminated cards including 2 blank cards to create your own pattern

- Storage bag

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