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Dr Zigs Travel Eco-Bubbles Kit



  • 1 litre of Dr Zigs amazing giant bubble mix (in the form of 100ml of 10x bubble concentrate) - enough for more than 1,000 giant bubbles;
  • 1 pair of light-weight wooden mini wands (13cm long) - so 1 person can make bubbles at a time;
  • 1 giant bubble rope for making the biggest bubbles EVER!

Manufactured in the EU

What's it made from?
    • Biodegradable bubble mix: Plant-derived surfactants, plant-derived polymers, and biodegradable petroleum-derived polymers (which Dr Zigs are working on eliminating)
    • Other elements: Fairtrade cotton (wick), sustainable wood (wand(s)), recycled plastic (bottle for bubble mix; 20-50% of it is recycled)