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JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery

Emotions Discovery Box

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Help your child understand and communicate his emotions with this Discovery Box. Suitable from 3 years and with instructions provided, it will provide a space of interaction, self reflection and introsprection which will allow the child to get to know the way he feels and find tools to change it, realising there is nothing wrong with feeling this way because that is part of being human. It will put thoughts into words and help him communicate better and to externalise his hidden feelings. When doing this at a very young age through play, children internalise this activity and develop a natural way of dealing with their emotions in a positive way, so it's a learning that will last a lifetime.


Included in this box (suitable form 3 years)

  • Pack of 12 emotions/feelings cards and 6 colours matching the emotions

  • 6 coloured bowls matching the colours of the emotion cards

  • bottle of rainbow rice and 3 spoons (small, medium, big, to measure the feelings)

  • 4 paper figures to colour based on the emotions

  • paint and wooden brush (6 colours of paint matching the emotions and bowls)

  • A fantastic and complete book about feelings and motions

  • Instructions to guide you through the activities