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Jovi Soft Playdough 110g Primary Colours


Working with soft dough blandiver is a delight. This coloured modelling paste is very soft and it is moulded with ease. Based prepared with water makes its texture very fresh and pleasant to the hands and touch. It is designed to be the first dough for children from 2 years and totally harmless. Soft Dough blandiver is presented in bright colours that can mix between themselves and can be used with press molds, rollers, modelers and other tools.


  • Soft dough for children from 2 years

  • 3 x Water Based Modeling Paste Canister, Non-Toxic

  • Dries, reusable, non-staining; close the wrap tightly to keep it properly

  • Soft, fresh and very pleasant texture

  • With this kit you can explore different techniques with your fingers, with molds and tools