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Studio Circus Pop Up Hammer Bench


A classic design from our delightful Studio Circus range with and fun twist. Knock a peg down with the hammer and watch as the opposing peg pops up. Entertaining and educational , encouraging hand-eye coordination and engages little minds at the same time. You won’t be able to resist having a go yourself!


  • Pounding Bench Toy - As a classic wooden toy with different numbers and colors, pounding non-removable pegs will make sounds will attractted kids.

  • Up down Up down - Children delight in pounding a peg with the wooden hammer and watching one on the opposite side pop up, keeping them entertained for a long time.

  • Multifunction Peg Toy -  kids can develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, exercise arm force by pounding with wooden hammer.

  • Educational Wooden Toys - Peg toy has 1~6 number printed on pegs which kids can say the different number , even the next number 7, 8, 9.., as for wooden learning toys.

  • High Quality Pegging Toy for 12+Months - Sturdy construction and pastel colours, even the pegs can be pushed with little fingers, kids can play for a long time

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