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2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland
2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland

Safari Toob - Galapagos (12pcs)


Journey to the Galapagos Islands, where you can see the result of thousands of years of evolution! This Toob includes a seal, blue-footed booby, penguin, hawk, land tortoise, red-footed booby, frigate, land iguana, sea turtle, crab, shark and a water iguana. Including creatures that fly, scuttle, crawl, swim, and very slowly meander, the individually hand painted figurines in our Galapagos Toob will turn your home into one of the most beloved bastions of biology. Swim with the sea turtles, watch the different birds from afar, or follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous researchers and study the different wildlife’s unique adaptations.

Crafted with vibrant colours like the frigate’s black body and crimson red neck as well as the booby’s baby blue beak and differently pigmented feet, these models display life-like accuracy! Although many people believe Charles Darwin established the theory of evolution after his trip to the Galapagos Islands, this isn’t quite true. In fact, the theory of evolution had been around for some time.

What Charles Darwin solved was the mystery of how and why evolution occurred, with an idea he called natural selection. Natural selection is the theory that individuals born with characteristics that make them best suited for their environment are the ones most likely to survive. In other words, the figurines in this Toob have come to be through thousands of years of mutations and variations that allow them to survive within the isolated habitat of the Galapagos Islands!