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LR Sensory Fidget Toy Kit - Travel busy bag

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The 8 toys in this fidget toy set give children hands-on ways to calm their minds and bodies, reduce anxiety and stress, and help kids practise quiet focus. Great for use in the classroom or at home to help children with social emotional learning, each fiddle toy offers a unique experience for independent play.


Each hands-on item in this fidget toys set helps children self-regulate, calm their minds and bodies, and focus their attention.

  • Ideal for use in the classroom or at home, the set includes 8 of our best fidget toys selected to help children become resilient learners.

  • Toys such as Playfoam and PopCubes also help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

  • Kit has 2 glow sticks, 1 Sensory Fidget Tube, 1 Playfoam Jumbo Pod, Link n Learn Chain link (100 pieces), 1 rainbow coil spring, PopCubes snap-together cubes (20 pieces), 1 globe stress ball, 2 marbleised poppers, and multilingual Getting Started Guide.

  • Please note that the Sensory Fidget Tube and Playfoam Jumbo Pod varieties are randomly selected and may differ from those shown in this image.

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