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Bookings now open for our Easter and Summer Camps

Join our camp adventure and enjoy lots of activities including art, messy play, dancing, singing, story time, treasure hunts and so much more! Lots of learning and lots of fun GUARANTEED!!!
Suitable for kids from ECCE - Senior Infants.


By booking a camp you agree with the following:

  • We can move your booking to a different week provided we have spaces. A 10€ fee will be charge to reschedule your child's booking.
  • Once booked, there will be no full refund if you need to cancel.
  • If you cancel 4+ weeks in advance we will refund 80% of the booking
  • If you cancel 2-4 weeks in advance we will refund 50% of the booking
  • If you cancel 0-2 weeks in advance there will be no refund but we can move the booking to a different week instead (10€ fee applies).
  • You child is attending ECCE or junior infants or senior infants.
  • You will fill out the form that we will email you with all the information required

Our Little Campers Having The Best Time!

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is turning 3 this year, can they still attend the camp?

Yes, if your child attends ECCE.

Is the camp really full-on? My child might feel a bit overwhelmed.

No, we have plenty of activities to fill the day but the environment will be very relaxed. We follow the child's lead and we follow a structure that will allow children to feel comfortable and engage in group activities as the day goes on.

What do we need to bring to the camp?

We will send you an email with a checklist of everything you need to know before the camp starts. Mainly comfortable clothes, snacks, plenty of water and sun cream if it's sunny is all they need.

My child has special needs, can they attend the camp?

We offer an inclusive space and activities but our ratio is 1 adult for every 12 children at the camps as established by Tusla so we can't offer individual guidance during the activities. However, if your child can play independently at times and communicate well (even if not verbally) this camp will be a great space for them!

What type of activities will you do at the camps?

We offer a great variety of activities throughout the day and the week, including games, art, science, messy play, outdoor play, music and dancing!

What happens if my child can't attend the camp, do I get a refund?

We can move your child to a different week provided we have spaces available. If you notify us 4 weeks before the camp starts you can get 80% refund. If you notify us 2-4 weeks prior to the camp you can get 50% refund. There will be no refund from 2 weeks before the camp starts.