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You can’t go wrong with Discovery Playtime Gift voucher

Corporate Events

We organize events for children taking care from beginning to end!

Learn, imagine and create

We have put some fantastic items together to suit the interests and needs of children at different ages to turn their play time into an unforgetable experience


Get a personalised letter from Santa and the elves letting your child know how special he is and confirming he is definitely on the nice list this year. Also included: story colouring page and christmas craft.

Donation for children this Christmas

Full value of the total amount donated will be gifted as a voucher to homeless families and children hospitals this christmas as well as a free of charge letter from Santa for each child

Why Discovery Playtime?

Prepared Environment

Children learn without being aware of it and with our toys they will have the right tools to learn no matter what they do

Child Development

Our products are age appropiate and that will provide a connection between the child and the toy so they can learn with and from it

Learning Skills for Life

These toys stimulate the child’s skills such as motor skills, communication, coordination, observation, problem-solving, creativity…


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We are the play experts

With well over 200 different workshops since 2017, we have created the most fantastic parties and events. We have brought fun and laughter to any celebration: birthdays, communions, corporate and family events, weddings, sensory play areas and more with a variety of activities to suit the requirements of any occasion. From seeing what kids like to play with the most and how they develop many skills, we have picked the best toys to sell online, all tried, tested and approved by our little experts. Since the lockdown we have stopped all of our classes but have greatly grown the online shop so you can create the best experiences for your child in your own home.

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