Educational, Sensory and Wooden toys for children 0-6 years


Why Discovery Playtime?

Learning through Play

Children learn without being aware of it and with our toys they will have the right tools to learn no matter what they do

Child Development

Our products are age appropiate and that will provide a connection between the child and the toy so they can learn with and from it

Learning Skills for Life

These toys stimulate the child’s skills such as motor skills, communication, coordination, observation, problem-solving, creativity…

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We are the play experts

Discovery Playtime is an online toy shop where you will find all the educational and beautifully designed resources to help your child from birth up to 6 years to develop basic life skills through play. With over 10 years experience working with children we have selected great quality toys that will create quality time and a bonding experience between you and your baby, toddler or child while having fun and learning from each other. Help your little one develop his language, communication, fine motor skills, coordination, movement and gross motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and so much mure with any of our resources available online.

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