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Mind Your Earth

Mind Your Earth

We tend to think our Earth is someone else's planet so we don't need to look after it but it's nearly too late for that!! We have to take action right now!

As a toy shop, we can do so much or we can do so little, but we try our best. We do sell plastic toys because they're best for messy play. We have a beautiful range of GREEN TOYS and BIOBLO BLOCKS made of recycled plastic and other materials that can be used with water but unfortunately, they're pricey (however incredible quality) and they will be for as long as there's not enough demand so the bigger manufacturers don't use better materials to produce them at a better price.


All of our wooden toys are sustainable and made from certified wood so we're really happy about that. Some of them are made in Europe too, like the beautiful EZRI range made in Germany), or our incredible JUST BLOCKS sets with beechwood sourced and manufactured in Poland, they will take your child’s imagination to a whole new level! Children love construction toys, and they are great for their development of problem-solving skills, confidence, spatial awareness, social skills, and more. 


Eco friendly products aren’t just wood or recycled materials. Our collection from YELLOW DOOR is made mainly from stone mix which is extremely durable but will also turn back into dust when we recycle them. They are such a beautiful range of toys that children will love due to their colours, weight and texture.


Why not making your own toys? Everyone loves a cardboard box, and do you know why? Because it doesn’t come with instructions! It can become anything you want it to be, that’s why we stock the amazing MAKEDO TOOLS so your kids (and yourself) can turn your cardboard packages into anything at all (a spaceship, a boat, a hat, a castle… sky is the limit).


When it comes to art and creativity, our RECYCLE ME sets are just perfect. You only need to add some of your recycled items from home (milk cartons, toilet rolls or egg cartons) and use the props from the box to create your very own toys and resources. We have lots of different and fun sets available and children will have fun creating them for hours, they will really empower their imagination, they will grow their self esteem feeling so proud of their creations and they will absolutely love playing with their own toys after making them!


We love lots of toys and brands that we don't even stock just because they're made of plastic but not suitable for water, so that's a NO. I've contacted some suppliers like Learning Resources about this and they're really working on it and improving their own packaging. Our own packaging is mostly recyclable or reused (except for the tape and bubble wrap only when really necessary). Even the tuff trays aren't packed in plastic anymore!!!

Our favourite Earth Day activity: GARDENING! Children will feel so proud of themselves when planting seeds and looking after their own creations and watching them grow. They will learn about the earth, about water, about how plants grow, about types of soil and seeds... They will feel part of this world as they grow their own plants / flowers / vegetables and their contribution won't go unnoticed. We have a few perfect GARDENING SETS available, or simply add compost in a big tray like our Tickit rectangular container, add some tools, buckets, water.. and let them make a mess!!! (I mean, explore!!!) Their curiosity will lead the way.


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