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What Are Good Party Games For Kids?

What Are Good Party Games For Kids?

Loving our kids is natural, there is nothing more precious. Keeping a bunch of them entertained for a party may not come so easily.

No matter what age our children are, when it comes to planning a party, the pressure is on. So, to alleviate some of the stress and make your life run that bit more smoothly, here we are, using  our expertise to deliver you the best party games for kids. 

Dr Zigs My 1st Giant Bubble Kit

We don’t always have to find things to do with kids. Sometimes, letting them go it alone to get a bit messy in the garden is a great way for them to bond and use up some of that energy!

Our giant bubble kit allows kids to get creative with their friends and produce something magical. Our kits make over 1,000 bubbles and can even double as a birthday gift. Suitable for big and small, including ages under seven.

Jovi Facepainting Twist Markers

Gone are the days when we need a professional face painter, it’s time to make things a bit more interesting and let the little ones paint themselves and each other.

These markers are the ideal way to encourage children to get involved in the party antics and may even bring out their artistic talents! 

But don’t worry, our face painting markers are free of parabens and chemicals, are kind to the skin, and wash off easily. Suitable for ages three and up.

Tickit Talking Tubes

The modern world’s answer to cans and string; our educational and fun talking tubes can be used to communicate across small distances. This party game will not only encourage conversation amongst the guests but will also help them to develop their communication, social and personal skills.

The tubing can also be buried or wrapped around trees, creating the perfect distraction when you need a quick minute or two to chat with an adult.

EDX Joey Jump Bean Bag Game

We love to combine education and fun here at Discovery Playtime and our bean bag game is a perfect example of both. This activity will not only keep the kids engaged for hours, but it will help them to understand the world around them in terms of forces and motion. It is also the perfect way to enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Classic World Ring Toss

If we were to list out the most popular Irish games for kids, ring toss would most certainly be one of them. Encouraging the development of hand-eye coordination, this game can be played indoors or outdoors and is a sure way to bring about social interaction and teamwork. 

Made from wood, our classic world ring toss game is durable, fun and suitable for ages three plus.

Classic World Treasure Hunt Game

Need party games for kids that are a little bit different or is your family just a fan of pirates? Either way, our beautiful wooden treasure hunt game can be used again and again and will keep your party entertained for hours on end. 

Ideal for little pirates three years old and above, the treasure hunt game also helps kids to develop their problem-solving and teamwork skills. 



A party theme all on their own, our Happy Hopperz are a must for any outdoor party. 

Guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained for the whole day and a great investment that can be reused time and again. 

The Happy Hopperz are not just for hopping, oh no! They can be used for many fun games such as fancy dress. Create a day of friendly competition by having a box full of clothes, socks, hair accessories and other items. Then, the team who puts all the clothes on the hopper first (one item at a time), wins! 

Kids can even do a relay race, each picking an item and putting it on the hopper! The opportunities are endless.

Discovery Playtime Toys

Not only can our toys be used during parties, but they are also the perfect option when you don’t fancy a family day out and want to create memories at home. If you have any questions about our products or the suitability of them for your child, just get in touch and we are happy to help.

All of our toys are of the highest quality and are not just chosen for your child’s entertainment but equally with their educational, personal, physical and emotional development in mind.

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