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All orders dispatched next day with An Post - Standard shipping fee €5.5 for all orders.
All orders dispatched next day with An Post - Standard shipping fee €5.5 for all orders.

Tickit Wooden Rainbow Architect Set


Beautifully coloured natural Beechwood hollow blocks in 4 geometric shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles and arches. Each group of shapes contains 7 graduated sizes for nesting, in the 7 colours of the Rainbow. The inner block in each group is a solid 3D shape. This wide-ranging enabling resource will provide endless possibilities for creativity, construction and imaginative play, engaging children in learning across several areas of the curriculum: using innovation and creativity to build towers, houses or freeform sculptures; using the imagination to design rooms for filling with small world play people or animals; applying mathematical logic to sort counters into the shapes which match by colour, shape or size; learning the geometric properties of common shapes; exploring size and scale; using mathematical terms - larger, smaller, taller, wider etc.; And for improving language skills and broadening descriptive vocabulary.


  • A BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL TOY FOR TODDLERS -- These rainbow architect sets are stained with safety compliant colours that enable children to still see the natural grain of the Beechwood.

  • ENCOURAGE CONFIDENCE AND CREATIVITY -- Designed for open-ended play, your toddler will delight in discovering their own unique uses of this set.

  • ASSIST EARLY DEVELOPMENT -- Give your toddler or child the opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition and their imagination with these rainbow blocks.

  • INTRODUCE STEM SKILLS -- These rainbow stacking blocks are ideal for introducing STEM concepts. Construction, spatial reasoning skills, patterning and more.

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