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Tickit Dual Power Timer


Power timer to help children understand the concept of time, very easy to use and hold. Can be used to materialise the time during any activities that require the child to wait.


These handy sized timers can time up or down to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. A bleeping alarm is sounded to say the time has been reached. Having dual power functionality means they are always charged and ready to go. The push buttons have been designed for ease of use. The timers can be used in numerous situations where a hands free time period needs to be set or measured such as in scientific experiments, for circle time, for games, for the timing of tests and a hundred and one other uses. Colour coded for easy identification.

It can be use as a reminder when potty training, to take turns between siblings, during brushing teeth, etc. Time is a very abstract concept and this timer is a very helpful resources for children of any age to understand it.