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Growing Kit: Bee - Mixed flowers for bees & butterflies


Help care for our bees and other pollinators and add a splash of colourful florals to your home with this adorable grow it yourself set!

The role of pollination of flowering plants by bees is essential for maintaining plant biodiversity and ensuring good harvests of fruits, vegetables or seeds useful to humans. Sow this mixture to attract foraging insects to your garden and make them grow and flower to feed them. 

  • Place the pellet of coconut soil in a saucer and sprinkle it with 6 to 8 times its volume of water to rehydrate it. 
  • It swells immediately in a few minutes 
  • Undo it with your fingertips and fill the pot 
  • Place the seeds from the bag over the entire surface
  • Keep inside the house in a well-lit place 
  • In spring, plant in the ground in your garden or repot in a larger pot 18 cm or more in diameter. 

*instructions included in English

What it contains:

  • A bag of seeds of mixed species 
  • A 5 cm diameter terracotta pot 
  • A lozenge of coconut soil to rehydrate 
  • Product size: 18 x 12 x 6 cm