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2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland
2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland

Growing Kit: Pirates plant - Banana tree seeds


What it contains: 1 banana tree planting kit

You turn right twice, you take forty-five steps, you turn left, you take thirty-three steps and it is there at the foot of the banana tree that Black John the pirate buried his chest.

Oh no! We forgot to plant the banana tree!

Fortunately, it grows quickly. It's up to you, start growing in your room with this complete kit. Don't waste a minute!

There are no kernels or seeds in bananas, everyone who eats them knows that.
Except… when there is some, because some ornamental species produce it. They are tough, dark in color, and they look like pebbles.
But despite their appearance, they germinate easily and it is easy to grow a banana tree at home!

*instructions included in English

This planting kit contains:

  • a terracotta pot 5.5 cm in diameter
  • a pellet of dehydrated and compressed coconut soil, 3 cm in diameter 
  • banana seeds.

What to do:

  • Soak the banana seed at least one night before sowing, to facilitate germination.
  • Soak the lozenge with coconut soil with approximately 6 times its volume of water. It swells immediately.
  • Fill the culture pot and set a small part aside, it will be used to cover the seeds when sowing.
  • Plant a seed 1 cm deep and close the hole.
  • Water in fine rain and keep the soil moist, but not excessively, using a hand-held sprayer.
  • Place the pot at 18-20 ° C inside the house, near a light source, as intense as possible.
  • In a dozen days, the green tip of the young banana tree comes out of the ground.
  • Place in full light and warm, the banana tree will first be repotted in a larger pot and come out on sunny days, around April-May.