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Growing Kit : Unicorn - Mixed Flowers


What it contains: 1 unicorn flower growing kit

Grow your own magical unicorn flowers!

This planting kit contains: 

  • a terracotta pot 5.5 cm in diameter
  • a pellet of dehydrated and compressed coconut soil, 3 cm in diameter
  • a bag of mixed flower seeds

What to do:

  • Rehydrate the coconut earth pellet approximately 5 to 6 times its volume of water; it swells quickly under your eyes.    
  • Fill the culture pot with soil, put some aside for later.
  • Sow a few seeds and cover them with the coconut soil. Water in fine rain every day a little to maintain humidity.
  • In a dozen days, the plants came out. Let grow and when they measure about 5 cm keep only the best developed.
  • When they are 5 to 8 cm tall, repot them in larger pots. You can take them out in fine weather, from April.

*instructions included in English