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Hide Away Puppets - Tawny Owl with 3 Babies Hand Puppet


Beautiful set of puppets. Mummy owl hand puppet and 3 baby owl finger puppets to create stories and activities around these flying characters. Mummy owl can close her wings with velcro to keep the babies warm and safe. "OWL BABIES" book also available with the puppets, it's a great book to develop resilience for young children, and they will love to act the book with the puppets.

Puppets provide many benefits including fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social skills, development of imagination and creativity, communication and language development, and so much more! The Puppet Company



    • A wise mother owl hand puppet

    • With three baby finger puppet chicks

    • Owl is twenty three centimetres high

    • Great for play or puppet performances

    • Excellent gift