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2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland
2 days delivery! Shipping €4.99 on all orders. All items shipped from Ireland

Sensory Play Rice


This bag of beautifully coloured rice is the perfect addition to a sensory bin, pretend play kitchen and many other sensory experiences. It is suitable for children from 3 years due to being so small. This rice is coloured with water based non-toxic paint and it's not suitable for cooking or to mix with water as it will lose the colour.

Kids can use it for drawing with their fingers on it when learning their ABC's, or drawing faces and learning about emotions, to fill up containers and practise fine motor skills and to identify colours.


Practise and devleop many basic skills with this bag of rainbow sensory rice.

-Fine motor skills, focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination will be practiced while playing with the rice, pouring it into different containers with their hands or with tools, using it to draw on it with their fingers...

-Calming experience that involves the sense of the touch, sight and hearing. The rice is a very relaxing resource for the hands by just picking it up and letting it go. The rainbow colours will be very attractive to the kids and the noise of the rice falling is relaxing like the rain.

-Pretend play and imagination, this rice can be used as an additon to any of the kids favourite toys and also to any of our best selling mini animals sets.

-Comes in a resealable bag for easy storage

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