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Safari Toob - Frogs and Turtles


From bullfrogs to loggerhead turtles, each miniature in this Authentic Replica Collection offers amazing attention to detail. This set contains a range of colourful tree frogs and various turtles of the land and sea. The frogs & turtles TOOB contains 12 toys, including the golden mantella, bull frog, Dendrobates azureus, red-eyed tree frog, Dendrobates leucomels, green tree frog, loggerhead musk turtle, box turtle, and a green sea turtle.

The figures are mainly green and brown, though the more colourful frogs feature blue, red, yellow and orange. Leap around landing on lily pads or munch on some leaves while you explore the world of amphibians with our frogs & turtles TOOB. This array of frogs and turtles will expose you to the many cold-blooded animals that spend part of their lives in water and the other on land.