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JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery

Safari Toob - Wild Jungle (12pcs)


Brace yourself for a trek deep into the heart of the jungle to observe some of the most amazing animals found in nature. Our Wild Toob includes a giraffe, brown bear, tiger, camel, lion, crocodile, gorilla, hippo, rhino, zebra, panther and an elephant. Individually hand painted and meticulously crafted for impeccable accuracy, these figurines are excellent for imaginative play, educational purposes, or as additions to a diorama or collection. From the docile camel to the notoriously aggressive hippo, this Toob captures animals from all walks of life. 

Each model is painted with true to life accuracy, including the zebra’s unique black and white stripped pattern and the black panther’s shadowy fur. Home to one of the most diverse and populated ecosystems in the world, Africa is truly a magical and magnificent land. Get to know some of its most iconic denizens with our Wild Toob! From camels that make their home in northern Africa to the gorillas that are native to the southern half, this Toob captures the essence and majesty of the continent with some of its most famous, important, and beautiful native animals.

Box Contains

12 x Figurines