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Tickit Talking Tubes

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Talking Tubes, one of our best selling products, can be used in any educational setting, both indoors and outdoors, to develop children's communication, personal and social skills. The different sets can be used to communicate across a small distance, between rooms, across an outdoor area or even between the indoor and outdoor environments. The Talking Tube Set includes 2 handsets and 3 metres of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing. Handsets simply plug into the ends of the tubing.


Perfect for indoor and outdoor play

Talking Tubes can be used in any setting, both indoors and outdoors, to develop children’s communication, personal and social skills

Build communication skills

The long, bright tubing and 2 handsets allow the children to colaborate and play together.

Versatile and durable

The tubing can be buried, wrapped around tree's and around corners. Children can use their imigination to create games and role play

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