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Translucent numbers

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Acrilic numbers from 0 to 10 easy to hold and perfect to trace them while learning how to write them. They are made of different colours and with higher edges. They provide a great sensory experience to get familiar with the shape of the numbers for early learners. They can be added to any play activity like water, gloop, playdough, paint, etc. Suitable for kids 3+ and for all open ended activities.


  • Early sensory experience with numbers, shapes, colours, and mathematical concepts.

  • Great for playdough as the higher edges of the numbers will sink into the dough leaving the perfect shape of the number on it.

  • Can be used with paint stamping it on paper and colouring them in afterwards.

  • Suitable for children 3years +

  • Easy to wash they can be added to any messy play activities with young learners (water, flour, gloop, sand...)