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Waterbeads 4 style Set


WATER BEADS are non-toxic and NOT EDIBLE balls made of a water-absorbing polymer. They are suitable for children from 3+ years and supervision is required. They look like sweets so KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CHILDREN BEFORE SOAKING THEM IN WATER!!

This pack includes:

-Mini waterbeads

-Small waterbeads

-Large waterbeads

-Glow in the dark waterbeads


Place as many as you like into a container full of water and leave it overnight. They will start growing straight away and you will know they are ready when they reach a perfect round surface in a few hours. Large beads can grow for up to 3 days.

  • Put them in a container with water and “fish” them with a spoon and other tools. Add containers , bowls, scoopers, etc.

How to dispose waterbeads: in garbage or in plant pots as plants will absorb their water. Do not throw in landfield.