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JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery

Waterbeads 4 style Set

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WATER BEADS are non-toxic and NOT EDIBLE balls made of a water-absorbing polymer. They are suitable for children from 3+ years and supervision is required. They look like sweets so KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CHILDREN BEFORE SOAKING THEM IN WATER!!

This pack includes:

-Mini waterbeads

-Small waterbeads

-Large waterbeads

-Glow in the dark waterbeads


Place as many as you like into a container full of water and leave it overnight. They will start growing straight away and you will know they are ready when they reach a perfect round surface in a few hours. Large beads can grow for up to 3 days.

  • Put them in a container with water and “fish” them with a spoon and other tools. Add containers , bowls, scoopers, etc.

How to dispose waterbeads: in garbage or in plant pots as plants will absorb their water. Do not throw in landfield.


Please note that Waterbeads are made mainly of water so they will break up when squeezed. You can start with 5-10 Waterbeads so children can get used to their shape and texture and squeeze them (they love to do that). As they get familiar with Waterbeads, they will enjoy playing with them more before squeezing them, but that’s all part of the sensory experience that these fun Waterbeads provide, as well as some basic STEM concepts for children. 

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