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JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery

Way To Play Flexible Roads - RINGROAD 12 pcs


Waytoplay offers fun – without cable, Wi-Fi or screen. We believe in children’s creativity. With your child in the driver’s seat, the road components are flying to a path into adventure. Without prescribed road maps, the toy road can be extended endlessly and thus ensures a never-ending adventure without limits.

The Waytoplay fast road is an excellent toy for imaginative play. Watch your kids build their own rounds and road trails for their favourite toys and cars.

Please note younger kids may need help attaching the roads together but this is a great activity to practice and develop fine motor skills. Roads might come apart when playing or if they are on a soft surface like grass or carpet. Some kids may experience frustration with this. Again, we believe that this is a fantastic oportunity to learn and develop resilience, problem-solving, creative thinking and imagination as things don't always stay the way we want them to and there is no better oportunity to learn this for children than through play!



    • Flexible, durable toy road

    • Can be used on almost any indoor and outdoor surface.

    • Easy to connect parts.

    • Promotes imaginative play.

    • Can be perfectly combined with other toys.

    • Material: PVC; cadmium free, phthalates free and BPA free

    • Made in Europe

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