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JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery
JANUARY SALE NOW ON! - €5.5 shipping fee on all orders - 2-4 days delivery

Tickit Wooden Rainbow Discs


When you incorporate loose parts as part of the material provided for the child's play activities, problem solving and logical thinking skills are put to work as well as independence, freedom and genuine and authentic play. If they are nicely displayed the child will feel very atracted to them and pick them up to play which promotes independent play and decision-making. These 14 wooden beautifully designed rainbow discs can be adapted to any play sceneario to create open-ended activities as well as to help improve fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving and communication. Suitable for children from 10 months.


These 14 Tickit Rainbow wooden discs are beautifully designed to promote imaginative play for little hands and enhance creativity, fine motor skills, problem-solving and communication in children from 10 months to primary school. They can be used as a steping stones for little animals, put two together like a burger or cookies for the play kitchen, etc.

Loose parts is another word for open ended, multi-functional objects that can be adapted for play in many different ways. They are items or objects that can represent whatever the child wishes them to represent. They can be put together, taken apart, mixed, stacked or bent in any way the child sees fit.