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Dinosaurs are Roarsome!

Dinosaurs are Roarsome!

Messy play, outdoor fun and sensory art with your little dinosaurs. Send us photos / tag discovery playtime on social media if you try any of these!

FROZEN DINOSAUR EGGS Freeze and have fun rescuing your dinosaurs trapped in ice!

What you need

Step by step 

  1. Open your balloons and put a little dinosaur or fossil inside.
  2. Put your balloon in the tap and fill it with water (not too big, just the size of a big egg) 
  3. Freeze the balloons overnight.
  4. Add them to a tray with warm water, droppers and other tools to break the ice and rescue the animals!

    HIDDEN FOSSILS IN GLOOPMessy, gloopy, lots of fun!

    What you need

    Step by step 

    1. Mix half bag of cornflour with a bit of water in a bowl. Add small bits of water and mix until  you get a gloopy texture, not too liquid but not powdery either. 
    2. Add mixture onto the tray.
    3. Place the fossils on the mixture and push them down until they disappear.
    4. Add water in the bowl and leave it beside the tray (or far away for an extra gross motor activity)
    5. Use your hands or the fine motor tools to rescue the fossils and wash them in the bowl with  water. If the bowl is far away children will have to run to wash each fossil so it will be lots of fun and movement.
    6. Children can also hide any other figures or rocks in the gloop.

    Did you know each dinosaur has different shaped footprints? You can create patterns and have fun exploring them on paper.

      What you need

      Step by step 

      1. Add paint in bowls or on the paper directly.
      2. Soak the feet of the dinosaurs in the paint.
      3. Stamp their feet on the paper and see what happens!
      4. Use the brushes to explore different lines and patterns and colour combinations.

        DINOSAUR ACTION GAMEEvery child wants to be a dinosaur at some stage! Pretend you are a dinosaur and practice your movement skills while having fun.

        What you need

        • Dinosaur cards printable (stomp like a triceratops…, stretch like a diplodocus, roar like a t- rex, swim like a …)
        • Space to move

        Step by step 

        1. Pick one card
        2. Read it out loud.
        3. Child imitates the action.
        4. You can play music after you call out the action and child must do the action until the music stops.

          We all love a good treasure hunt challenge! It always gets all the kids so excited and it’s a great game to do at home birthday parties or playdates too.

          What you need

          • Dinosaur bones / dinosaurs / fossils
          • Remember how many items are hiding or have a checklist before you hide them.

          Step by step 

          1. Gather dinosaurs and other dinosaur related items. If playing with a group of children, make sure you have as many items as children (at least).
          2. Make a checklist of the items so you don’t forget what’s hidden (how many items for example.
          3. Hide the items around the room / outdoor space.
          4. Ask children to find them by saying something exciting and challenging like “there has been a big explosion and lots of dinosaurs have been flying in the air and we have to find them!”.
          5. Tell children that they can only take one item at a time. If they find 2 they will have to bring one to the base and go back to get another one. 
          6. Tell children that the challenge will only be complete when EVERY SINGLE PERSON has found something. If they find more than one thing, give it to someone who hasn’t found any. 

            Make the most of the sunshine with this very simple fun art game!

            What you need

            Step by step 

            1. Place a large piece of paper on the floor or tuff tray outdoors on a sunny area.
            2. Place the large dinosaurs on the paper spread out to separate each shadow.
            3. Children can outline and colour the shadows of the dinosaurs.
            4. Remove the dinosaurs and try to match them with their shadows again.
            5. Decorate the rest of the picture any way you like (stickers, stamps, etc.)

            Check out our dinosaur collection for more Roarsome fun!

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