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🇮🇪Irish toy shop 📦All orders dispatched same / next day with An Post!
🇮🇪Irish toy shop 📦All orders dispatched same / next day with An Post!


Our workshops offer a variety of activities that will help the child improve basic life skills such as fine motor, movement, coordination, communication and independence all through play and Interaction.


Our workshops have been paused for a while. They will resume in the new year 2023. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Frequent Questions

What type of activities do you do at messy play?

We explore different textures, materials and colours through play. Some are messier than others but it’s a sensory experience for everyone to experience whether they’re used to it or not they’ll find different levels of mess.

Is my baby too young for messy play?

Definitely not. All ages are welcome for our toddler play sessions. The earlier they start getting familiar with this type of play, the better. It can take a while to get used to it but they’ll be learning something from day one.

Are the workshops safe for my baby / child?

We use mostly taste taste safe ingredients like rice, pasta, cornflour, homemade playdough, water…. And also other non toxic materials like water based paint, kids soap foam, soil, sand… we will always inform you about the ingredients so you know how closely you need to supervise your child.

Do I need to play with my child during the session?

We encourage you to take part but also to step back and let them make their own decisions and learn to play independently. It’s totally up to you but you do not need to play with your child, just be there watching and supervising while you can also chat with other parents. 

What do I need to bring to the workshops?

We recommend to bring spare clothes in case they get wet or very messy. Comfy clothes are a must, they can take their shoes off during the session if you want. Wearing waterproof clothes is also a good option even with indoor sessions but as long as they’re comfortable and you bring spare clothes that’s all good.

Are there any sessions for children with autism?

We are working on it. We ran lots of sessions in the past so parents can feel comfortable knowing their kids are having fun and learning in a safe environment while they can socialize and relax. Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on new classes.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make it?

We can refund the cost of the session with up to 72h notice before the session starts. We can move your session to the following week up to 24h notice  prior to the session. Within 24h we can’t reschedule or refund the cost of the session. 

Are there any other classes other than messy play?

Yes, we have our Little Wiggle classes available but we are looking for new venues. This class includes music, dancing and lots of sensory fun. It’s a great opportunity for children to improve communication and vocabulary through play and interaction.