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Tuff Tray 100cm


Tuff trays are the perfect resource to set up activities for kids of all ages. Messy and sensory play activities can be placed on this tray keeping things under control and making it very inviting for the children.

This multi-functional play area is waterproof so ideal for indoor and outdoor play.
Its uses are varied. It’s great as a sand pit, holds shallow water for toy boats or rubber duckies, or be a makeshift table for arts and crafts.
It can be effectively stored away when not in use using the handy hanging hook on the tray.


Functional play table that great for toys, sand and water games.

    • Keeps everything tidy and away from messes

    •  It is made from a tough plastic and can be used indoors or outdoors.

    • It is multipurpose and will hold various substances such as glitter, sand, water and soil, Great for children, allowing even the smallest toddlers the ability to join in the fun.

    • Tray Size: 100cm x 100cm